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Whatever you grow, we’ve got you covered.

Multi-Perl CropCrop insurance is more than just a smart business move. It's your protection in an unpredictable industry. It's your assurance of sustainable growth. It's your future. At MRI, we offer insurance for a wide variety of crops and weather risks. Some of our most popular coverages include:

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)

Multi-Perl CropAvailable since the 1930s, Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) is the cornerstone of the crop insurance program. Subsidized by the federal government, our MPCI program uses your actual production and revenue history to guarantee a yield, and protect your crops against heat, wind, freeze, hail, rain and other natural causes. MPCI is available for citrus, grapes (wine, table and raisin), almonds, avocados, stonefruit, cherries, wholesale nurseries and more.

Named Peril Crop Insurance (NP)

Multi-Perl CropOften referred to as “private” crop insurance, NP works in conjunction with MPCI to fill any gaps in your coverage. The most popular options include freeze insurance for citrus growers and packers, hail on stonefruit, rain on tomatoes and reconditioning allowances for raisin growers.

Alternative Coverages

From tree and vine coverage to temperature trigger weather policies, MRI offers a variety of specialized financial products, all directly related to your crops and your operation. Contact us for a full list or to discuss your unique needs and concerns.

Adjusted Gross Revenue Program

The new Adjusted Gross Revenue program is a non-traditional risk management tool for the whole farm, designed to insure a specific amount of revenue as opposed to an average yield. Contact us to see if this program is right for you!




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